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Green Grass

Humans are strange creatures. We always somehow want something different to what we already have, and preferably the same as the neighbor.

After all, the neighbor’s grass is always greener, right?

The same goes for work, relationships, holidays, clothes, you name it.

I remember when we all just started our first jobs. Everyone had The Best Job. But when I, as a (slightly too) critical psychologist, started asking what they actually did during the day, it turned out that fetching coffee for the boss and making copies – which we still did back then 😊 - was often part of the job...

But why does the neighbor's grass seem so much greener than yours?

Maybe it's because we're naturally lazy and don't want to put any effort into it?

Maybe because we don't really know what we want?

Or because we just muddle on and expect things to evolve naturally?

Or because it seems that things happen naturally at the neighbor’s house, while we need to put in effort to realise the same?

Or maybe because the neighbor does dedicate time and attention to his grass?

Last week, continuing on the green grass example, I came to a conclusion.


Grass is greener where you water it.

And that's exactly it.

If you dedicate time daily to tend to your garden, it will look better.

If you try and make someone a compliment each day, this will make everyone around you happy.

If you fluff and straighten your duvet every day, you'll eventually feel better because you've started the day with something good.

If you take a short walk each day, you'll naturally feel fitter and stronger.

If you look at yourself in the mirror daily to make funny faces, you'll naturally start laughing and feel happier.

If each and every day you focus on your activities, you'll see real positive changes.

And that's exactly what the quote - Grass is greener where you water it - entails.

No longer do you need to crave for what looks better at your neighbors', colleagues', or on social media.

You can take action yourself. It doesn't have to be anything big.

The Dutch Brain Foundation has calculated that a 20-minute walk can already make a big difference in how you feel.

Grass is greener if you dedicate effort, action,  time and through positive behavior and love.

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Holiday challenges…

Are you also already looking forward to the summer holidays?

Sleeping in.
PJ days with the kids.
Finally finishing that book by reading all day.
Maybe taking long walks.
Having interesting discussions with friends.

Oh, these are such great things to look forward to.


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